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What are cookies?

A cookie is a harmless text file that is stored in your browser when you visit almost any webpage. These tools play a key role in the provision of many information society services.

Among others, they make it possible for a webpage to store and recover information about the navigation habits of a user or his/her device, and, depending on the information obtained, they can be used to identify the user and improve the service provided.


Kind of cookies

Depending on the entity managing the domain from which the cookies are sent and processing the data, two types of cookie can be distinguished:

In cases where the cookies are installed from a computer or domain managed by the publisher, but the information collected through them is managed by a third party, they cannot be considered proprietary cookies.

There is also another classification based on the period of time during which cookies remain stored in the client’s browser:

Finally, there is another classification involving six types of cookies according to the purpose of the processing of the data obtained:


How to disable and eliminate cookies

You can restrict, block or delete cookies using the browser. If you disable cookies, some services can be inactive.
Settings are different in every browser, but you can usually modify cookies configuration, through “Options” or “Tools”.
The “Help” functionality can also help you. On this website, users can always choose what cookies want to install in their browser.

You can allow, block or eliminate cookies installed, through the options of your browser’s setting:

You can also manage cookie storage in your browser by means of tools like these:


Cookies used by:
The cookies used on this website are listed below, with their type and function:


Cookie Policy Acceptance

INVERSIA TECHNOLOGIES, S.L., through, understands that you accept the use of cookies. However, the group displays information about its Cookie Policy on any website page at the start of every
session so that you will be aware of it.

With this information, you can take the following actions: